This is a presentation the children of Clonlisk NS, their teacher and myself made to share our collaborative effort to use a Wii Game, namely African Safari, as a context for learning.


Using QR Codes

An example of learner-directed storytelling using QR codes by Julian Woods (@ideas_factory on Twitter).

Another interesting presentation from the very talented and inspiring @tombarrett   and his fellow collaborators, This one shows how Twitter could be used effectively in the classroom.


The iPad

I personally think a visualiser is a great addition to any classroom especially if one is attached to an  IWB. When connected to your whiteboard / projector it lets one  show projects, art work, artefacts, extract from a book ,illustrations (the list is endless)  to the whole class using the large screen display in your room. Let’s let Danny show us its uses.
View more presentations from dannynic.

Nintendo DS

Wordle: The Nintendo DS in Class

The children used Wordle to illustrate how they felt about using the Nintendo DS during their Wednesday Math Class.